My Name is Tom Mendenhall


I have had a long career outside of education, but recently for 7 years worked for a wonderful school specializing in teaching high school students with “learning differences”.   I have been a member of several independent school  accreditation teams. I have been a trustee at an independent lower school, and the chair of a noteworthy Episcopal Church camping facility.  

These experiences keep me close to children and their families.  It also helps me to see the  frustration and anxiety families experience trying to find the best educational solution for their child’s needs.  I understand the difficulty many families have in navigating the Special Education process through the public education system, often with unsatisfactory results. This first hand experience helps me to be an effective “Advocate” for those parents and provide the expertise to manage the process to more effective conclusions.  


B.S. Drexel University – Humanities & Social Science 

S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Masters in Management) 

Indiana University – Purdue University  · Certificate in Fundraising Management  · Certificate in Nonprofit Executive Leadership  

William & Mary Law School · Certificate in Special Education Advocacy (PELE Institute)  

Contact me:

PO Box 575

St. Michaels, MD  21663