Information Form

You will be asked to complete a simple form providing all information about your child.  As a parent or guardian you have the most knowledge of who your child really is, and the challenges they face. It is important that I know everything about your child.  You are the expert, and you need to help me understand your child the way you do.  

Initial Meeting

In the initial meeting you will help me understand everything about your child.  You will bring all tests, letters from the school, current IEP (if you have one), medical diagnoses, a list of all care providers you have used in the past and the information they provided.    We will discuss your perceptions and goals for your child.  I will prepare a summary of our meeting and suggest "next steps" that can be taken based on the information and what you want to do.  If you choose to stop there, that's completely okay.

Next Steps .......

Together we will build a complete detailed picture your child.  We are going to organize and review all the testing they have experienced, and we are going to chart the scores of those tests to measure progress or regression particularly under the current educational program. We are going to outline a plan both short term and long term to provide for their needs.  We are going to build an understanding of any services or testing your child currently receives or needs to receive.

An Advocate is Your Best Asset!

Working with an Advocate is generally a long term relationship.  It requires the Advocate's presence at IEP or 504 meetings.  The Advocate will help you to be an effective, objective, knowledgeable advocate for your child.  I will help you understand the laws the school system is subject to, the alphabet-soup and word salad you are confronted with when you meet with school officials, and how the process should work to your benefit  I will help you NOT to be intimidated by the process or the personnel you encounter.  As the parent or guardian, you are the smartest person in the world when it comes to your child! 

Partnering With You.......

You know your child better than anyone.  Sometimes the emotions that come with that knowledge can create confrontation which is always best avoided.  The plan is to build a relationship of mutual knowledge and respect on your part and the school's part to foster a beneficial outcome for your child.    As your Advocate, my role is to be both objective and assertive when the facts or objectives at hand are in dispute. My training brings a critical wealth of research and understanding to help navigate your case through a complex and sometimes overwhelming process.  I serve as your guide so that you may remain focused on your child’s well-being and success as we engage schools to be responsive, swift, and strategic in meeting your child’s goals.  I am your Advocate, and in that role I can be objective and assertive when the facts or objectives are in dispute.